About Us

Our Story

Building Blocks Academy LLC, is a privately owned company comprised of former and current educators who worked in the public school system in New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and abroad, for numerous years.  In this environment, we worked with children who were culturally diverse, from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and had learning disabilities.  We saw the value in one-on-one tutoring, thus creating Building Blocks Academy, which serves as an outlet for educators and professional tutors to exercise their expertise without restraint, in a professional manner.  We created a place where we can pursue our passion, without limited resources, and invest the time we were unable to contribute in a classroom setting.  Building Blocks Academy also provides a chance to give back to our community with budget-conscious tutoring sessions.

Our Purpose

To create an opportunity for children to benefit from the expertise of State Certified Teachers or Professional Tutors, in the privacy of their homes.  To provide budget-conscious tutoring sessions so parents can get the help they need, without becoming financially distraught.

Our Approach

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is free. During the free consultation, we will do a comprehensive assessment to determine your child’s educational needs.  We will also be consulting with you, your child,  and his or her teacher or educational institution, in order to create a customized education plan for your child.

Customized Education Plan for your Child

After the Initial Consultation, we will create an Individual Education Plan, based on our assessment and the feedback we received in the comprehensive consultation.  The Individual Educational Plan will outline the objectives we will implement for the student and what we will measure on an ongoing basis.


After every 55 minute tutoring session, the tutor will spend an additional 5 minutes to provide feedback to the parent(s) regarding his/her development in that particular lesson. The tutor will conduct evaluations to measure growth, on a weekly basis.  Every quarter, a comprehensive progress report will be given to the parents to see if their child is accomplishing his/her goals outlined in the Individual Education Plan.  Our goal is to develop your child to have better study habits, overcome their educational challenges, and to be self-confident in the classroom.

What Makes Building Blocks Academy Different From Other Tutoring services?

There are many reasons why our tutoring services are so effective:

  • A FREE Comprehensive Assessment
  • Our personalized approach to learning maximizes the benefits your child receives from a variety of instruction and materials.
  • Our tutors are either Professional Tutors or State Certified Teachers. You will have the advantage of a Professional Tutor or a State Certified Teacher all to yourself, with their expertise and strategies of teaching, designed just for you and your child!
  • We use Scholastic tools and resources as well as the Spectrum Series, which is aligned to State and National Standards.  It is also an excellent tool for standardized Test Preparation.
  • Our rates are usually half price, compared to our competitors.
  • We are open 7 days a week from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  • We are a privately-owned traditional business, whereas we have more flexibility and creative freedom to meet your individual needs versus the constraints of a franchise.
  • We send our tutors to you! Usually, a tutor will come to your home, but this is not a requirement.  Tutors have tutored students at libraries, coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants and even outside at a park. The point is to meet you where effective learning can take place.
  • Referral Program where you can earn FREE tutoring sessions throughout your term of service.

Our Tutors Make Us Stand Out When Compared To Other Tutoring Services

  • Our tutors have college degrees, credentials, and experience. They are carefully selected, based on their educational and teaching /tutoring background and are experts in their respective fields. Each student is assigned a tutor who is well qualified to teach the specific subject the student needs to master.
  • Our tutors are local professional tutors or State Certified teachers who have had extensive experience teaching at all levels.
  • Our tutors are screened —  The tutors we send to your house have undergone an extensive background check.
  • Our tutors are constantly being improved  through ongoing support and enrichment.  We work tirelessly to ensure our tutors have the best tools to educate every student.